Anubus is part of the greatest love story that never was.  A pharoh of Egypt was given the hand of a beautiful Princess Ra Cul.  He and his magicians created a beautiful necklace as a wedding gift.  The pharoh sent his vizier to greet them as they were traveling to his country, the man was awestruck by her beauty and could not bear to have her marry another kills her and then himself.  The pharoh, so heartbroken, built a special room for her burial and placed the necklace near his love.

Hundreds of years later the Crimson Sorceress attempts to retrieve that necklace because of it's magical properties but is thorted by Marvelette and Lady Liberty.  During the struggle the necklace lands on the perfectly preserved princess and she is brought back to life with many super powers.  Realizing she is out of her elements in a future she could not even have dreamed of, she decides to fight crime and injustice.  Using the heroic adventure books, comic books, she discovers many ways she can carry the mantel of a super hero.

Marvelette helps with her transition to the modern world by giving her a secret identy as a high school student in one of her classes, Rachael Goldman.

Anubus/Rachael Goldman..........Ashley Tilberg