During WW2 everyone was working on a super soldier formula.  Dr. Robert Barton found just such a formula but the formula would break down without the necessary amount of estrogen.  Rose Stern, a high school teacher was chosen to test the formula.  General Talbot okayed the test because it would make the Nazis angry to be beaten by a woman.  The experiment was successful but on the same day another super soldier formula was tested which lead to tragedy as a Nazi spy killed that doctor.  All experiments were shut down.  Rose having been given super powers dons a mask and a patriotic outfit to fight Nazis on the home front.  After the war she continued to fight crime.  One side effect that the doctors could not predict was the fact that Rose does not age.

During the many years of her crime fighting career she has donned many costumes to reflect the times but one thing has always stayed the same, her love for her country.  She will always wear those colors proudly.

Marvelette/Rose Stern................Sharon Purvis